28 Oct 2013

Syrian Electronic Army Targets Obama’s Campaign Accounts

The Syrian Electronic Army is at it again, this time targeting Barack Obama’s campaign social media accounts and website. It appears they did not gain complete control of the accounts, but gained limited access to them through a control panel. The initial exploit was through one of the administrator’s email

17 May 2013

Game of Pwns: Syrian Electronic Army and Information Warfare

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed another victory by defacing the Financial Times website as well as several Twitter accounts run by the news organization. The group has had a run of luck recently with the compromise of the Associated Press Twitter account, where they tweeted a false story about  President Barack

23 Apr 2013

Twitter Y U No Offer Two-Factor Authentication?

The power 140 characters can have was felt again today.  The Associated Press had their Twitter account hacked and a fake tweet was posted, stating the White House had been attacked and that President Obama was injured.  That single fake tweet caused the stock market to drop dramatically. The DOW