21 Oct 2013

Security Visualization: Mapping DDoS Attacks Worldwide in Real-Time

Google Research’s “Big Picture Group” in collaboration with Arbor Networks and Google Ideas has developed the Digital Attack Map, an impressive utility that provides real-time visualization of global DDoS attacks. The tool also surfaces anonymous attack traffic data to let users explore historic trends and find reports of outages happening

27 Jun 2013

Analysis of Korean War Anniversary Cyber Attack and Malware

In both North Korea and South Korea, several websites were defaced and brought down via a DDoS attack on the anniversary of the start of the Korean War. The Red Alert (R3d4l3rt) team in South Korea have provided an in depth analysis of the vulnerabilities and methods used to access

26 Apr 2013

Security Visualization: VideoLAN DDoS Visualized As A Game of Pong

VideoLan was the target of a recent DDoS attack with more than 200 requests per second hitting their systems at 30Gbps. VideoLAN is experiencing a major DDOS attack targeting its mirrors infrastructure. — Ludovic Fauvet (@etixxx) April 23, 2013 We've seen more than 200 downloads of VLC per seconds during the