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Starbucks Point-of-Sale Systems Down Nationwide

Update: Starbucks has indicated the outage is due to a “typical daily menu refresh on the system” and “not a hack”

It is being reported that Starbucks point-of-sale system is currently down across both the U.S. and Canada. The cause of the disruption has not yet been explained by Starbucks officially, but there has been speculation that it may be a security related issue.

The outage happened has occurred after a number of people reported having their Starbucks accounts compromised over the past few days. There has not been any comment from Starbucks indicating the two issues are related so it is just speculation at this point.

Many of the stores have simply closed while others were providing drinks for free to customers. Even if this is not a security related incident it reflects challenges organizations like Starbucks faces with regards to managing a massive network of point-of-sale devices and the impact it can have on the business if the system goes down. The integration of Starbucks loyalty program with both cards and apps adds another layer of complexity and risk to the equation.

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