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Online Dating Service Cupid Media Hack Exposes 42 Million Unencrypted Passwords

Online dating service Cupid Media has been compromised exposing more than 42 million accounts including password unencrypted in plain text. Brian Krebs reported that the  data was found on the same servers as records stolen form Adobe and other organizations.

“The data stolen from Southport, Australia-based niche dating service Cupid Media was found on the same server where hackers had amassed tens of millions of records stolen from Adobe, PR Newswire and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), among others,” Krebs wrote.

The risks this breach poses to the users is significant, particularly if the email and passwords were being used on other websites.

The number of high account volume breaches doesn’t seem to be slowing down. User accounts are increasingly at risk of compromise as a result of breaches such as this as it not only puts the users whose data is breached at risk, but also gives hackers a larger pool of passwords to use in brute force attacks.

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