10 Jan 2014

Neiman Marcus Credit Card Data Breached

Adding to the growing Target data breach there appears to be a pattern developing. Neiman Marcus has acknowledged that they are also now working with the U.S. Secret Service investigating a breach that has exposed an unknown number of customer credit cards.

05 Jan 2014

Yahoo Ad Server Hack Compromises Thousands with Java Exploits

It is being reported that Yahoo’s ad system (ads.yahoo.com) was recently compromised leading to the system serving up malware targeting European web visitors.  It is not clear if the servers and systems themselves were directly breached, or if ads were created to bypass Yahoo filtering systems to feed out the

31 Dec 2013

4.6 Million Snapchat Users’ Phone Numbers and Usernames Leaked Online

In a brazen move, a group has utilized an exploit for a recently patched Snapchat vulnerability, and has released a database containing usernames and phone numbers of 4.6 million Snapchat users. The group removed the last two digits of the phone numbers, however is claiming to make the full version

16 Dec 2013

Mobile Shopping & Secure Connections: SSL In Browsers vs Mobile Apps

Tripwire recently released a mobile shopping survey and found a surprising number of those surveyed are not taking appropriate security precautions on their devices. One component of the survey called out mobile shoppers not verifying that they sites they were shopping at provided valid SSL certificates.

18 Nov 2013

Adobe Breach & Public Libraries: When DRM Attacks

We are a few weeks into the Adobe data breach and have seen the risks that it poses, however many think this breach only affects people who have purchased Adobe software. However, this is not the case. I was recently interviewed by a local news station regarding how the breach