25 Apr 2015

Starbucks Point-of-Sale Systems Down Nationwide

Update: Starbucks has indicated the outage is due to a “typical daily menu refresh on the system” and “not a hack” It is being reported that Starbucks point-of-sale system is currently down across both the U.S. and Canada. The cause of the disruption has not yet been explained by Starbucks

04 Jan 2015

On Bloomberg Discussing Sony Breach

I was on Bloomberg a few weeks ago discussing the Sony breach, where I mention my views on why I don’t think North Korea is involved.

19 Sep 2014

How Point-of-Sale Malware Works with RAM Scraping Demo

Recently, we have seen increasingly sophisticated criminal syndicates targeting retailers. These groups have successfully compromised networks, exploited point-of-sale systems and exfiltrated massive amounts of credit card data from well-known retailers, including Target and more recently Home Depot, amongst many others. One of the key weapons in these criminal groups’ arsenal

14 Aug 2014

Map of Breached P.F. Changs Locations

P.F. Changs announced last week the list of  33 stores known to have been compromised in their recent breach. The information was compromised between October 13, 2013 and June 11, 2014 and included credit card numbers, names and expiration date. The breach investigation is still ongoing, so additional locations may

22 Jun 2014

Cell Phone Jammer As Tool for Home Invasion

I hear a lot about people “cutting the cord” stating they are free from their wired line and more disturbing is the fact they brag about this online via social media to the public. This puts people at significant risk, risk that many are not aware of. Potential thieves or