26 Apr 2013

Security Visualization: VideoLAN DDoS Visualized As A Game of Pong

VideoLan was the target of a recent DDoS attack with more than 200 requests per second hitting their systems at 30Gbps. VideoLAN is experiencing a major DDOS attack targeting its mirrors infrastructure. — Ludovic Fauvet (@etixxx) April 23, 2013 We've seen more than 200 downloads of VLC per seconds during the

23 Apr 2013

Twitter Y U No Offer Two-Factor Authentication?

The power 140 characters can have was felt again today.  The Associated Press had their Twitter account hacked and a fake tweet was posted, stating the White House had been attacked and that President Obama was injured.  That single fake tweet caused the stock market to drop dramatically. The DOW

18 Apr 2013

Mobile Antivirus: FUD, Fact and Fiction

Is mobile antivirus just a myth?  I would say it is more of a “legend,” where facts have been distorted, or exaggerated to craft a more sensationalistic story. A true “antivirus” for mobile devices is currently not possible given the SDKs (software development kits) and access provided to developers by

22 Mar 2013

South Korean Attack & Malware Analysis

On March 20th an attack that brought down three major media broadcasters and at least two financial institutions computer systems in South Korea was launched.  The Red Alert team which is part of NSHC Security has provided access to their  onging reports of the malware attack  (PDF – Korean). The

04 Feb 2013

Security Visualization: Meaning From Chaos

One thing I love about information security is its beautiful complexity, a complexity that calls upon multiple disciplines and requires both technical skills and creativity to solve real-world problems. Regardless of whether the goal is compliance, intrusion detection, vulnerability analysis, log management, or forensics, the meat of IT security is