20 Oct 2013

Tales From the Crypto: Case of the Malicious IT Contractor

Gather around the server script kiddies for I have a scary tale of woe. What makes this story all the more scary is that it is true. Years ago, late at night I was startled awake by the buzzing and alarms of my cell phone, as a series of SMS

12 Sep 2013

Startup Security: Minimum Viable Product Shouldn’t Mean Minimum Security

Security usually doesn’t make it to the top of the list in terms of priorities for startups. Between focusing on developing and launching products, acquiring customers and raising funding, security can easily slip by the wayside as something that “we can fix later”. However, in our new age of information

21 Jul 2013

Apple’s Development Center Breached by Hackers

Apple’s Dev Center went down on Thursday causing issues for developers around the world. The system remained down for three days and is still currently unavailable. Many developers began suspecting a security incident after many received unauthorized password change emails on their accounts. An hour ago developers finally received a

17 Jul 2013

There is a Lot More to Metadata than You Know

We have been hearing a lot about metadata the last few months thanks to the revealing of NSA surveillance tactics and partnerships. Many have stated “it’s only metadata.” however there is a lot more to metadata than many think. I will use an example of a case I was involved in

26 Apr 2013

LivingSocial Hacked – 50 Million Records Compromised

It is being reported that LivingSocial has had a substantial data breach affecting 50 million customers. The known scope of the data compromised at this time includes names, email address, birth dates and encrypted passwords (whew!). In an email to employees management made it clear that no credit card information