18 Jan 2013

Sneakernets Never Say Die: Power Plants Infected with USB Malware

A few days ago the State Department made public in a report that multiple power plants in the United States were affected by USB based malware during the beginning of October 2012. One of the plants reported a virus infection in a turbine control system. The system was infected when

10 Oct 2012

The Coming Storm: Forensics in the Cloud

Cloud computing has increased productivity and decreased IT costs. However, there is a black lining to this particular cloud, as the benefits come at the price of giving up control, visibility and tracking data provenance. Computer forensics traditionally relies on having physical access to systems, providing examiners with the ability

28 Sep 2012

When Log Files Attack: IEEE Data Leak

This week it was discovered that a large number member passwords and IDs of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) were exposed on a publicly available server. Roughly 100GB of log files were discovered by Radu Dragusin a teaching assistant in Denmark on an unsecured FTP server.  The