17 May 2013

Game of Pwns: Syrian Electronic Army and Information Warfare

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed another victory by defacing the Financial Times website as well as several Twitter accounts run by the news organization. The group has had a run of luck recently with the compromise of the Associated Press Twitter account, where they tweeted a false story about  President Barack

11 Jan 2013

10 Signs You’ve Been Working In Information Security Too Long

When your mom calls you ask her three security questions to verify her identity Your pet’s name consists of at least 20 characters and contains a mix of numbers, uppercase letters, and at least one special character Your wallet  is wrapped in an aluminized mylar faraday cage You run background

09 Nov 2012

The Four Horsemen of the Cyber-Apocalypse: Security Software FUD

Did the title of this post get your attention? We are doomed! The sky is falling! All of your computers are infected! We are just one security breach away from complete human extinction! The security software industry is guilty of overhyping cyber threats to sell their products, second only to

07 Sep 2012

You down with UDID? Yeah, you know me… my location and app activities

It was announced this week by the hacker group AntiSec that they compromised a laptop belonging to Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl from the FBI taking advantage of vulnerability in Java that allowed them to gain access files on his system. The data they claim to have downloaded allegedly

15 Aug 2012

ToorCamp 2012: Tribes & Technology

I recently returned from a week on the Olympic Peninsula at ToorCamp where I presented a talk and stayed the week attending workshops, learning electronics, picking locks and other activities. The experience of ToorCamp is very different from Black Hat and Defcon in many ways, the key  being the sense