23 Nov 2012

South Carolina Department of Revenue Data Breach: What Went Wrong?

“Where do we go from here? We now have to go into cyber plan mode. This is a new era in time where you can’t work with 1970s equipment, you can’t go with compliance standards of the federal government, because both are outdated.” – Nikki Haley,  Governor of South Carolina

16 Nov 2012

Confidence to Win – John F Kennedy & Apollo 13

A while back I wrote a blog post on the Apollo 11, error logs and risk.  Tripwire’s Vice President of Sales Alex Thurber discusses the role John F. Kennedy played as a leader during these first missions to the moon, along with the challenges faced during the Apollo 13 mission where

09 Nov 2012

The Four Horsemen of the Cyber-Apocalypse: Security Software FUD

Did the title of this post get your attention? We are doomed! The sky is falling! All of your computers are infected! We are just one security breach away from complete human extinction! The security software industry is guilty of overhyping cyber threats to sell their products, second only to

02 Nov 2012

Hurricanes & Earthquakes: Prediction vs. Forecasting In Information Security

Prediction and forecasting may seem like they are the same thing, but they’re not. When it comes to natural disasters, a prediction specifies the time, location and strength of an event. Forecasting on the other hand is defined as a probabilistic determination of an event based on variables such as

26 Oct 2012

Death,Taxes & Security Breaches

We are told that death and taxes are the only absolutes in life, but I would  like to propose we add security breach to the list. As long as humans have had secrets, there have been agents at work to expose and compromise them, even well before computers.  Clandestine information