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10 Signs You’ve Been Working In Information Security Too Long

  1. When your mom calls you ask her three security questions to verify her identity
  2. Your pet’s name consists of at least 20 characters and contains a mix of numbers, uppercase letters, and at least one special character
  3. Your wallet  is wrapped in an aluminized mylar faraday cage
  4. You run background checks and request employment verification before every date
  5. To open the door to your house requires two keys, a combination as well as a fingerprint and retinal scan
  6. You use so many acronyms in your everyday speech that people ask if you speak English
  7. J00 k4n R34d thi2 4nd 4CTU4LlY UND3R5T4nD WH@ It 54y2
  8. You have more security clearances and certifications than the President of the United States
  9. Sometimes you can’t understand your own thoughts because they are encrypted
  10. You have more security conference badges than Mr. T has gold chains
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