23 Oct 2016

How phone scammers use ‘spoofing’ to gain your trust

I helped news station KGW with a story on phone spoofing and scams.

26 Mar 2016

Stolen Credit Cards and the Black Market: How Dark Net Markets Thrive

I have been involved with several cases where organized crime rings have been unveiled, many of these have had connections to Russian and Eastern European groups. These groups generate a significant profit through stolen property acquired through burglaries, shoplifting, identity theft, credit card skimming and carding. Many underestimate the complexity

25 Mar 2016

Confessions of a LinkedIn Imposter: We Are Probably Connected

I have a confession to make. A while back I created a fake profile on LinkedIn and we are probably connected. Curious after receiving several obvious and some not so obvious fake profiles, I did a bit of experimenting creating my own to see how difficult it would be and

23 Mar 2016

Preparing for the Badlock Windows/Samba Vulnerability

Something exploitable this way comes. It appears that a new high impact vulnerability is set to be unleashed upon the cyber world on April 12th.  Of course no high impact vulnerability would not be complete without its own logo and website at BadLock.org. The vulnerability affects Windows and Samba and

12 Mar 2016

Are ‘selfies’ good for cyber security?

The selfie phenomenon has finally reached the big banks and big credit. Mastercard has created an app that lets you ditch typed passwords in favor of a selfie to verify online purchases. But will needing a picture make your accounts any more secure than the traditional digit-based password? I was